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Benedict Wong Cast as Doctor Strange’s Wong

Image via Marvel.com
Image via Marvel.com

There is one man who knows Doctor Strange better than anyone else. Wong is a long time friend of Doctor Stephen Strange. He acts as Strange’s protector while Doctor Strange’s body is vulnerable from his mind being in the astral plane, Strange’s healer when injured, and his assistant with the his work in the occult.

Some in the Marvel Universe mistake Wong for a simple servant. Wong is himself well-trained in the mystical arts. He is formidable in Martial Arts. He takes care of the details for Doctor Strange household. I hear he also makes one heck of a cup of tea.

Image via
Image via

Benedict Wong is a well-known actor. He stars in Netflix’ Marco Polo as Kublai Khan.  He portrayed a Jet Propulsion Laboratory director in The Martian.  He was in other movies like Kick-Ass 2 and Prometheus.  Wong has been cast by Disney/Marvel to play Wong.

This is awesome news. Marvel casted a good actor to stand along Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.  It would have been easy to cast a no-name actor in the role of Wong but Marvel/Disney did it right by casting veteran actor, Benedict Wong.

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