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Barbara Reader of Star Trek Reviewed Passes away after Cancer battle

Barbara Reader of Star Trek Reviewed Passes away after Cancer battle

Barbara Reader, a New York Lawyer who also doubled as the Founder of the long running Star Trek Fan Film blog “Star Trek Reviewed”, has passed away after a long battle with Cancer.  Her death has shocked the trek fan film community with many actors and behind the scenes people posting about it and leaving comments.   Everyone from Vance major Owens to Joshua Michael Irwin, to Randy Lester, thoughts and prayers are permeating all over facebook, in both profile pages, and groups.

Star Trek reviewed is the longest running fan film blog, and also the most complete.  The blogs first post was way back in 2008.  There are actually 2 different blogs. The original blog located at http://startrekreviewed.blogspot.com.

The original blog, is listed in individual blog form, and as of today there are 250 numbered blogs, along with other links for the “professional” Star Trek shows and movies.  Each of these blogs cover individual fan films, or groups of fan films. The blogs are listed in an easy to read order, along with other links at the top of the page, including films in alphabetical order, etc.  Each individual blog, includes numerous hyperlinks to places to read about the individual subject, or to watch the film.

In 2018 or so, the staff began to construct a new “Star Trek Reviewed”, that listed the blogs in order by date, going all the way back to September 23, 2006.  The New site is still under construction so it includes a link to the old site. The link to the new site is https://startrekreviewed.com/

While I am used to the old site, some people will of course, like the new site. Personal preference will rule, which is why I have included both links.  Barbara’s passing reminds me of the ending of Star Trek 2, The Wrath of Khan.


RIP Barbara, “Course heading Captain, Second star to the right and Straight on til’ morning”



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