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Axanar Short Film – The Icarus Maneuver Premiers on YouTube

Axanar Short Film – The Icarus Maneuver Premiers on YouTube

In January  2023, while the Star Trek fan film “Axanar” was shooting, a piece of the full movie script, was used to make a short 6 minute film, directed by Mark Edward Lewis.  The Short Film “The Icarus Maneuver” had its premier tonight at 7pm.  While Axanar is currently running full force in post production doing VFX assemblies, Sound Editing and placement of shots supervised by Mark Edward Lewis(as well), he found time to helm this scene that introduces the USS Ares onto the screen.  This is NOT part of the upcoming 2 Axanar episodes, but a nice little extra for the fans of Star Trek. So without further ado, here is “The Icarus Maneuver”:



Alec peters, Geoff Fagien, Dana Wagner and Director Mark Edward Lewis just finished a livestream, which had the actual first look at the short film, and some of the VFX assemblies. here is a link to that live stream:


My friend Jonathan Lane who runs Fan Film Factor(the go to website for all things Star Trek Fan Films) recently did an interview with Director Mark Edward Lewis, and here is that interview:

If you want to read anything about Star Trek fan films, the ENTIRE Axanar saga, or find new Star Trek fan films to watch go visit Jonathan Lane at https://fanfilmfactor.com/

Thanks to the Axanar YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@axanarfilm

and the Fan Film Factor YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@jonathanlane1377

for always sharing great content.

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