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Astronaut Neil Armstrong Is Still Dead

Image via softwaredreams.in
Image via softwaredreams.in

There are reports going around the internet about Astronaut Neil Armstrong passing away .  I saw these today and was taken back. Mr Armstrong was a idol of mine back in my childhood.  I did a quick fact check and found out that he did pass away on August 25th.

I pulled it together and posted about his death.  I even mentioned my love for space and the moon.  I posted it up on Geeky KOOL. Quickly after posting it I realized that I missed an important key detail; Neil Armstrong died on on August 25th, but not this year. He died back in 2012.  I even posted on it here at Geeky KOOL.

I hate when I fall for internet misinformation.  I attempt to vet the information before we post it. But sometimes things do slip through and we get it wrong.  This was one of those times.

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