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Adult Female Is Largest Gaming Demographic

Game Trailer: Fallout 4
According to The Daily Dot and a new study by the Entertainment Software Association, Adult Females are now the largest gaming demographic.  Gamer Girls have taken over the lead from their Adult Male counterparts.

Women over 18 are 36% of the gaming population.  Men over 18 are 35% of the population.  17% of the demographic is Teenage Boys, even though they are the gaming stereotype.

Gaming is not just for men.  Women are into all types of video games.  Gamer Girls are here to stay.

Video gaming has become much more accepted.  People are playing games on their PC’s, video game units like Playstation, Nintendo, and X-Box, their tablets, and their phones.  Video games have taken over much of our leisure time.

Gaming has become much more casual and accepted, just look at Facebook invites.  It is easier for people to find games that interest them.  Women over 50 saw a rise in gaming by 32% from 2012 to 2013.

I love Gamer Girls. They are passionate and excited about their games.  They are changing the gaming world for the better. Gaming is no longer a boys club.

Stay Geeky My Friends!


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