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A Rap Video By Geeky KOOL Writer- Tina Brunker

A Rap Video By Geeky KOOL Writer- Tina Brunker

Hey there geeky guys and gals! I have created something that shall entertain you for about 44 seconds this evening, a rap video.

Normally I wouldn’t place myself on the rap end of the spectrum of music. I’m more of a Black Keys type of girl. However when the college that I’m planning to attend announced that they were having a $3000 scholarship contest I jumped at the chance! Unfortunately I wasn’t sure what to make a video of, but one of my coworkers, Kellie, suggest a rap.

Of course at first I was reluctant to do that. I mean this is me we’re talking about…I can’t rap. I’m not creative enough to come up with catchy rhymes. I told her so as well, but when my shift was over, and I was standing in the breakroom waiting for the clock to hit 7am so I could punch out, it hit me. The first lyrics. So I quickly wrote them down, and went back to show Kellie. I was impressed with myself, and I thought maybe I can do this….On the way home I found the rest of the lyrics.

Well my coworkers have been super supportive and the next day they thought it would be a great idea to be back up dancers and sing in the style of Kriss Kross’s song JUMP, but with the words “Ivy Tech will make you, Learn Learn!”
So I filmed their parts that morning and the next evening my wonderful boyfriend Chris helped me film my version.

We quickly slapped the video together with silly credits thanking everyone. We were even going to post a picture of my cat at the end, because the internet loves cats right?

Unfortunately the contest guidelines pretty much said only I am allowed to be in it, so I had to cut their parts before publishing it. NONETHELESS, I have made a rap video and it would mean the world to me if you guys went and watched it.

I need to gain a lot of views so if you would share it on your facebook page with the title “Watch this kid make a fool of herself” then I’m sure people would watch that. Catchy titles like that go far on facebook.
If I do end up with the most views then I win! It’s as simple as that and the money would really help me get through school and not have to work a million shifts at night to try and make that money and try to attend college at the same time during the day.

Also you can view it more than once if you hit refresh and that counts as another view! However, you do have to watch the entire 40 seconds again. At 301 views youtube will freeze the views to analyze and make sure people are actually watching and not just hitting refresh over and over. So please help me by taking the 40 seconds out of your busy day to watch me make a fool of myself on youtube, and share this with everyone you know so I have a chance.

Thank you so much and stay GeekyKOOL


OH here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzctgKIxz78&feature=youtu.be

(below is the video but if you watch it here, please click on the Youtube link to ensure that Tina gets credit on Youtube for the hits– You can even watch it multiple times– Larry)

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