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15th Annual “Free Comic Book Day: This Saturday

15th Annual “Free Comic Book Day: This Saturday

This Saturday will be the 15 Annual Free Comic Book Day.  Stroll into your local Comic Book store, library, and other comic retailers on May 7th to receive a free comic book (or more).

Free Comic Book Day is a day to celebrate comics and the variety of type and age levels.  There will be a free comic for all ages and groups.  Here is the list of comics available.

Comic Book Publishers and Comic Book retailers partner together to bring a select group of comics to the consumers for free.  They do this to celebrate the awesomeness of the comic book artform.  They provide comics to bring in new readers. They even do this to introduce current readers to new comics.

This is the 15th anniversary event for Free Comic Book Day.  Now over 2,300 comic book shops across North America will participate.  They will give out over 6 million comic books this Saturday.

If you would like to find a participating store near you, check it out here or ask a friend that is already into comics where they go.


Stay Geeky My Friends!

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