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Web Series: Stage Fright (Complete Series)


Our friends at American Wasteland Entertainment have big announcement for the supernatural thriller, Strange Happenings.  But Strange Happenings is not their first supernatural thriller series.  The creepy web series, Stage Fright, came first.

Since it is October and American Wasteland Entertainment is about to announce the release of Strange Happenings,  I wanted to revisit this fun creepy web series.  Here are all 5 episodes of Stage Fright for your enjoyment.  These are horror/supernatural episodes. They are not suited for all ages.

Stage Fright is a wonderfully spooky and creepy series.  It is set in an old abandoned movie theater.  It won three awards at the LA Webfest 2013.

Some people in this small town think this old theater is cursed.  Are they just believing in the crazy old myths about this place or is there something really off about it?

Follow along with Emmett and Laney (Titans of the Fantastic‘s Brittney Greer stars as Laney) as they try to restore this old theater.  But will they ever have a chance to restore it?

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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