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X-men Dark Phoenix and New Mutants delayed even further due to reshoots

X-men Dark Phoenix and New Mutants delayed even further due to reshoots

The latest “new” X-men movie “X-men:Dark Phoenix” has been pushed back from its November 2018 release into 2019. The new release date is Valentines Day, February 14, 2019.  The reason for this is so the film can do reshoots.  Unfortunately due to the myriad of actors schedules, they can not start reshoots until August or September 2018, and Fox does not want to rush the re-edits and post production to fit the movies original November 2018 release.

Also the already delayed first New Mutants movie has been pushed back even further into 2019. Originally delayed until February 2019, the first in the trilogy of “Horror based mutant movies” has been pushed all the way back to August 2019. Apparently the reshoots on this film are said to be “MAJOR”, with not only up to 50% of the film being redone, but also new characters being added.  It also appears that director Josh Boone was happy with the film he turned in, and is now having “creative differences” over the amount of rework the studio wants.

All this adds up to a delay by Fox of close to 10 months from the time DeadPool 2 hits the screen to its next X-men related franchise release.  One has to wonder if this will blunt any momentum gained from another successful “merc with a mouth” release.


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