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WOTC Raising Dungeons and Dragons Book Prices and My Response

WOTC Raising Dungeons and Dragons Book Prices and My Response

According to the Community Update section on DND Beyond, the prices of physical Dungeon and Dragons books are about to go up.  The article, “New Release Print Price Increases” on May 23rd, 2023, stated the cost of the books hasn’t increased since 2014.  With the increased cost of printing and shipping, they believe prices need to go up but still offer great value.  At this time, the digital versions of the books will not increase on DND Beyond but may in the future.

This space is dedicated to communicating clearly and transparently with our players- even when the topic isn’t particularly fun. Since the release of the 2014 D&D core rulebooks, we’ve kept book prices stable. Unfortunately, with the cost of goods and shipping continually increasing, we’ve finally had to make the decision to increase the price of our new release print books. We’re committed to creating high-quality products that deliver great value to our players and must increase our prices to accomplish that.

This will go into effect starting with Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants and new releases after Glory of the Giants. Digital pricing is unaffected by this MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) increase, as digital products don’t need to be printed or shipped. The increase also doesn’t impact backlist titles. While we can’t promise that there will never be a change to the prices of digital products and backlist titles, we have no plans to increase either.

Players who purchase the Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants digital-physical bundle through Dungeons & Dragons store can get the bundle for $59.95 for the entire preorder window, which is consistent with our current digital-physical bundle pricing. After the preorder window closes, digital-physical bundle prices will go to $69.95.  (DND Beyond)

Sighs. Here is my response.

Dear WOTC,

Have you lost your ever-loving mind?  What is going on with you this year?  Are you trying to sabotage your chicken that lays the golden eggs?

A year ago, the community of Dungeons and Dragons players, Dungeon Masters, and third-party creators loved D&D.  We were excited about all of the cool stuff coming out.  And many of us adored DND Beyond and saw it as a bright standard on how things can be done.  For some of us, it got us through COVID and kept our sanity.

A lot has changed in less than a year.  The fiasco with the OGL as you clearly lied to our faces for a month is the starting point. It happened at the end of December and much of January.  Eventually, you relented and gave in to our demands.  We hoped we could fix the humungous hole in our trust with you.  Instead, you try to bring us back by taking a few select people to your headquarters and that went so wrong in so many ways.  Then you, WOTC, sent out goons to strong-arm a Youtuber who opened up packs of Magic cards live.  Now when loyalty to your company is at a critical level, you decide to raise prices by 20%.  Are you insane!

These actions have caused the most loyal fans to scratch our heads. Are you going through a midlife crisis?  Do you think too highly of yourselves?  You know Pathfinder 2e is coming out with a ton of buzz.  Black Flag has the interest of many D&D players and DMs, who wouldn’t have thought about leaving D&D a year ago.  Now, Critical Role/Darrington Press are putting out their own TTRPGs and the Critters are very loyal to anything that Critical Role has to offer.  Your stronghold on the TTRPG world seems to be crumbling around you but you think this is a good time to increase prices.

I know this isn’t good timing on my part, but WOTC, I think we should see other people… I mean other TTRPGs.  We can still have some fun sometimes but just as friends.  Just to be clear, it is you and not me.  Let us know if you get your beholder out of your butts.

Just Friends,

Larry Litle

Stay Geeky!

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