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Why Disney Star Wars Won’t Stink

I understand why my fellow Star Wars fans are concerned. George Lucas has turned over the reigns of our beloved Star Wars Franchise to the four fingered hands of a mouse. Disney has not always had a good track record with science fiction movies.

Disney has learned a few lessons over the years.  Instead of interfering with a vision, they have learned to step out of the way for certain movie franchises. Disney has a huge marketing department and they usually do their jobs extremely well.

Some people are pointing to the John Carter movie as a huge example of why they are worried.  I think John Carter was poorly marketed (unusual for Disney) but a good movie. At the box office, it bombed but that doesn’t make it a bad movie.  Anyone think a Star Wars movie will bomb at the box office just because Disney owns it? Me neither.

We have to remember it was not Disney that created the prequels.  We are afraid that Mickey Mouse will come up with something worse than Jar Jar Binks and 7 year old Annie. I have faith these sequels will be better written and have great characters.

Remember Disney owns Marvel Comics and Studios. They haven’t ruined the Marvel comic movies. Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man 1& 2 were great movies. Didn’t they do that little known movie called The Avengers?  Yeah, I think they did.

I am convinced that Disney will be good for the Star Wars Franchise.  Heck, Disney has 4 Billion reasons to motivate them to make a good product. I look forward to see what the mouse has in mind for Star Wars and our fandom.

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