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Who Is the WandaVision Puppet Master?

Who Is the WandaVision Puppet Master?

No, I am not asking about a character named Puppet Master mysteriously being on WandaVision.  But rather the question is about who is really behind the events going in Westview on WandaVision.  We were originally lead to believe it was Wanda but clearly she isn’t in control.  Then we got the Agnes aka Agatha Harkness reveal this week, which many of us were expecting.  But after watching this week’s episode, I am becoming more convinced there is someone else pulling all of the strings.

We continue to see someone watching the screen for WandaVision and it doesn’t appear to be Darcy.  No, there is someone watching the entire show and not the edited version that is going out for Darcy and the gang to watch.  The person watching appears to be editing the show that goes out to the world to see.  There is something almost sinister to it.

We have the scene where Agnes apologizes for flubbing the line and asks if “should we take it from the top?”.  This suggest someone other than Agnes is directing things.  We know it is not Wanda nor Vision. They both look shocked and surprised by this. They even make comments about it.

Previously, we have seen the WandaVision theme songs but in Episode Seven, we also get the “Agatha All Along” theme song (which I love – see below).  They try to sell us on that everything is being caused by Agatha.  But who is putting on her show?  I believe they are trying too hard to make us think it is Agatha.

I don’t know definitely that the events in Westview aren’t being fully caused by Agatha. It is always possible. But part of the fun of writing for Geeky KOOL is that we cans have a great time speculating about what might be going on.  This is exactly what we are going to do.  Here are my top 7 possible puppet masters of Westview and WandaVision.

7) Loki

This is an obvious answer.  Loki escaped during End Game with the Cosmic Cube.  He could tap into the power to be manipulate both Wanda and Agatha.  The Cosmic Cube would allow Loki to be the god of Mischief that we all know.  Tom Hiddleston is super popular and his Loki character is beloved.  It would be a huge ratings hit to have Loki show up as the master mind.

Why Not: We know that Loki will be getting his own series on Disney+.  It doesn’t seem to line up with what we have seen with the previews of that series.  Loki doesn’t have any real beef with Wanda except her association with the Avengers.  It also would be really hard to keep a guest appearance from Tom Hiddleston a secret.

6) Beyonder

Why: There is a character that was powerful enough to bring heroes and villains to his own realm to see who is stronger, good or evil.  He had almost unlimited power.  It would be easy for him to create the Westview world to see how things work and set up a future “Secret Wars” adaption (the 80s version not the 2010s version).  It would be a KOOL cut away at the end to find out he was controlling Agatha and Wanda this whole time to psych us up for “Secret Wars” in the future like Thanos did at the end of Avengers.

Why Not: As KOOL of an idea to use the Beyonder, the manipulation doesn’t really fit with his personality.  Is a crazy fun and KOOL series like WandaVision really the right place to drop the Beyonder?  Probably not.

5) Legion

Why: Legion is one of he most powerful mutants to ever live.  He can warp reality like no ones business.  He even created the Age of Apocalypse in the comics.  He is the son of Professor Charles Xavier and he has multiple personalities.  If there is a character that could bleed the X-Men universe into the MCU and bring the X-Men in, it would be Legion.  He could be alone in one of the houses in Westview, felt Wanda’s pain, and created a reality bringing Pietro from the X-Men universe into the MCU.

Why Not: It would be really out there to bring in an X-Men character like Legion to bring in the X-Men.  It is possible but not likely.

4) Nightmare 

Why: I really think we might be looking at a Doctor Strange villain/nemesis since Wanda aka the Scarlet Witch will both be in the new un-named Spider-Man movie and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.   We need someone powerful enough to create this bubble and to manipulate everything.  The next several are nemesis of Doctor Strange.

Nightmare is the first character that we see Doctor Strange fighting in Marvel Comics.  He is the the ruler of the Dream Dimension and gets powers from tormenting people with nightmares and feeding on their fears.  This could all be a part of Wanda’s nightmare.

Why Not: While Nightmare is a powerful foe and would be feasting off of Wanda, he isn’t known for creating multiple dimensions and universes.  He is all about the right now.  It definitely could work but doesn’t seem to lead to The Multiverse of Madness. 

3) Morgan Le Fay

Why: Marvel comics have their version of the Arthurian legendary sorceress, Morgan Le Fay.  She is extremely powerful and manipulative so that checks out.  She is a Doctor Strange villain to boot.  She is one of the most magically powerful characters out there.  She rivaled Merlin and is still around.

Why Not:  She is a Marvel character that isn’t well known by many.  Yes, we know her as King Arthur’s half sister (and maybe lover) from the Arthurian legends but that might lead to confusion for some.  I think it is still possible but I am not counting on Morgan Le Fay to be the puppet master.

2) Mephisto

Why: Mephisto is a common theory with fans and they may be right.  Mephisto is the Marvel Universe version of satan.  He is extremely powerful and could easily cause these events and cause splits into the multiverse.  He is known for reality warping.  He could have made a deal with both Wanda and Agatha and neither one remember it.  Or mabye Agatha could be his agent for more power.  He could very well be the puppet master.

Why Not: Does Marvel want to bring in a devil/satan like character into the MCU?  It would be a bold move. I am not 100% they do but it is a very strong theory.

1) Mordo 

Why: We already know Mordo from the first Doctor Strange movie.  We know he wants to end other magic users since he doesn’t believe they should have their powers.  He could be using the events of WandaVision to trap both Wanda and Agatha where he could take their power and lives.

Mordo could create and manipulate these events with his magic abilities and knowledge.  He might use this to get the attention of Doctor Strange in an attempt to trap him too.

Why Not: There is not a lot of reasons why it shouldn’t be Mordo or couldn’t be.  He is definitely an odds on favorite for me with Mephisto and Morgan Le Fay coming in close.

Anyway you slice it, I do expect to see Doctor Strange pop up in this series yet.

What do you all think? Is there someone further pulling the strings of Westview or am I reading into it too much?  If there is a puppet master, who do you think it is?  Did I leave off someone you think could be the mastermind of all of this?  Let us know in the comments.

Stay Geeky!

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