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Welcome Tilford Harrison: Newest Geeky KOOL Writer

I am proud to announce that Geeky KOOL has added Tilford Harrison to our writing staff at Geeky KOOL.  You can check out Tilford’s first article for Geeky KOOL: Event: Superman Celebration!  I think you will find it geeky, informative, and well written.

I meet Tilford a few months ago at Wizard World St. Louis.  We hit it off instantly. I found Tilford to be a kindred spirit.  He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  We discussed our love for writing and all things geeky.

Since WWSL, we have been discussing the possibility of bringing Tilford on as a staff writer for Geeky KOOL.  It became clear that it would be beneficial for both Harrion and for Geeky KOOL to add him to our staff. It was a matter of timing.  We found today was the perfect time to add him to the staff.

Welcome Tilford Harrison. I know the readers will love your addition to Geeky KOOL.

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