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Weird Al as Darkseid on Teen Titans Go!

Image via WeirdAl.com

Only on Teen Titans Go! can Weird Al be the voice the cosmic evil Darkseid.  This is one funny idea.  I always image Darkseid with the booming deep voice.  Maybe voiced by James Earl Jones.  Weird Al’s voice is the antithesis of Darkseid. That is the brillance of this move.

Teen Titans Go! is a tongue in cheek cutesy take on the 1980’s mega popular New Teen Titans comic series.  It isn’t meant to be taken series unlike the KOOL drama of Young Justice.  I am not a fan of Teen Titans Go! but I will be watching this episode.  Maybe this series will grow on me with the Darkseid episode but even if it doesn’t, it is a wonderful spoof of Darkseid and Al.

This link will take you to TV Insider were they have a clip of Al as Darkseid.  I loved it.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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