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Web Series: Horror Hotel (Episode 1 and 2)

Web Series: Horror Hotel (Episode 1 and 2)

Web Series: Horror Hotel (Episode 1 and 2)
The Horror Hotel Webseries is a fun and spooky web series with the feel of a 1950’s or 60’s movie or television series.  After watching the first two episodes, I know I am hooked.  It reminds me of old Outer Limits episodes.  These episodes take place in a seedy motel.

Here is how they describe this series.

Horror Hotel is an anthology series featuring suspense thriller tales inspired by Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents with a little Bates Motel thrown in. (Horror Hotel)

We included the first two episodes on Geeky KOOL for your enjoyment. We will be posting further episodes in the future. I hope you enjoy these episodes as much as I have.

The first episode has intrigue, kidnapping, and an Android.  It is a fun tale with typical Twilight Zone ending.

The second episode is about a possible alien invasion centering around the hotel. Could the strange guy who claims to be a science fiction writer be plotting the invasion of Earth?

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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