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Web Series: DIRIGIBLE DAYS EP 4 – “Hierophant Unbound”

Web Series: DIRIGIBLE DAYS EP 4 – “Hierophant Unbound”

Here is episode 4 of DIRIGIBLE DAYS.  I have to admit, I am loving this series.  The writing is really good.  I love the steam punk effects. I am now really digging the ship. The cast has that certain appeal that reminds me of Firefly.

All of the previous web-episodes have been re-posted on Geeky KOOL. If you have not watched them, please check them out and this watch this sensational episode. This is worth your time to watch no matter if you are a steam punk fan or not.  By the way, this episode is a cliff hanger- I hate having to wait for the next episode.

We need to support DIRIGIBLE DAYS so we can continue to get new episodes.  I know the cast has rapped up filming.  I hope we will get a new season of episodes if this the popularity continues to grow.

If you enjoy, head over to Youtube and leave them a positive comment here.

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