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Warm Antarctica’s Ice Caves Has Evidence of Life

Ross Island, Antarctica has spectacular caves below it.  The caves are warmed by an active volcano. When the temperatures are  -20C  (-4 F) outside, the temperatures in the caves could be as warm as 25 C (77 F).

Scientists have recently discovered these caves are filled with evidence of life.   They might have a  secret ecosystem of plants and animals.  When they have analysis the soil, it has  DNA from algae, mosses and even small animals. Most of the DNA can be traced to known life on the surface of the Earth. But there are some sequences they cannot identify.

Light filters into these ice caves.  It comes in from from the openings and where the ice is thin.  This brings light to allow life to flourish.

The possibility of new life has lead scientists to prepare to explore these numerous caves in search for more evidence of life.

(Via National Post)

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