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Wally Wood Need Credit in Netflix Marvel’s Daredevil

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Wallace “Wally” Wood is a classic comic book artist.  He started penciling and inking comics back in the 50s.  He drew some of the classic comics.

Assigned as the penciler and inker for Daredevil issue 5-8 and the inker for issues 9-11.  Wally changed the design and color of Daredevil’s costume.  He is responsible for the red costume.  Daredevil’s costume was yellow prior to Wally’s change.  He also added the DD design on the outfit.

The credits for Netflix Marvel’s Daredevil series list several comic book creators.  Wally Wood has been left off the list.  There is movement to bring awareness to the contribution of Wallace Wood to the character of Daredevil.  This is our contribution to help bring awareness to this unfortunate oversight.

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