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Video: Anya & Stella vs. Action Figures

Video: Anya & Stella vs. Action Figures

Video: Anya & Stella vs. Action Figures
I have a daughter that loved superheroes when she was younger (she still does but not at the same level). She liked the boy heroes but she loved to have a female hero that she can relate. I have had a hard time finding appropriate toys and even comics for her. This video demonstrates what a lot of parents of girls experience.

“Superhero-crazy Anya and Stella demonstrate what girls run into when they try to buy action figures at the store.

Notes: Gamora is available as part of one of the two-packs of mini-figures. She is also available as part of the Marvel Legends series. Target was out of both of those and has been for weeks.

The only female action figure we were able to find in the entire aisle was Wonder Woman, and she was only available as part of a seven-hero set that cost $50. So in order to get one Wonder Woman, the girls would have to buy six heroes they didn’t want and pay $50 for the privilege. That was a non-starter.

I’m enough of a nerd that I know where to go to get female super hero figures, but they are generally designed for the adult male collector market. They are often inappropriately attired and always more expensive than the lines that are developed to be played with by children.  (Youtube- Anya & Stella)”

(Via Explicitly Graphic and The Mary Sue)

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