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ViacomCBS Extends Alex Kurtzman Contract Through 2023

ViacomCBS Extends Alex Kurtzman Contract Through 2023

Alex Kurtzman has the disdain of many hard core Star Trek fans.  Kurtzman is the head show runner for the Star Trek universe.  The J.J. Abrams updated movies and the new series on Paramount+ have brought upset fans out.  Many have been calling for Kurtzman’s resonation for years.

The leadership of ViacomCBS apparently feel very different about the job that Alex Kurtzman is doing.  It appears that Kurtzman is good for business, at least from ViacomCBS’ point of view.  Kurtzman’s contract has been extended out until 2023 with a multi-million-dollar extension netting around $160 Million for the life of the contract.

George Cheeks, president and CEO of CBS, had this to say about Kurtzman, he “can develop for broadcast. He can develop for premium streaming, broad streaming. He understands the business. He’s got tremendous empathy. He’s creatively nimble… [it’s] obvious to me that he’s [CBS’s] future.”

(Via Deadline)

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