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TV Trailer: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

TV Trailer: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

Here is the latest Marvel Comic characters to head television. Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger will air on Freeform (aka ABC Family) in 2018.  Aubrey Joseph will star as Tyrone Johnson aka Cloak and Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen aka Dagger.

Cloak and Dagger is based off Marvel Comic characters of the same name.  Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen were Runaways that became friends.  On the promise of shelter, they were captured and used as test subjects on a new experimental drug. The drug killed all of the other runaways but they survived and gained their powers.  Cloak has superpowers of dark force and teleportation.  Dagger has light daggers that stun and can cleanse and heal. Together they fight against the drug lords and other criminals as Cloak and Dagger.

How much of this will the show explorer? Will they have a different origins? We will have to wait to see.

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