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True Stories Of Ghosthunters and Paranormal Investigation Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

True Stories Of Ghosthunters and Paranormal Investigation Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

This panel had 5 people from the Omega Paranormal KC. They shared their personal stories of ghosthunting and other paranormal activities.  They have photos and video recordings of some of the incidents.

They shared a picture of a flashlight on the floor suddenly turned on.  Inside the picture, you can see a haze and a large hair across it.  The haze does look like a form.  They had a scientist in the audience talk about the picture.  He stated that it could be something moving quickly even though it isn’t in the next shot.

Woodchux Bar in Warrensburg, MO had the team come out.  The place was used to help the injured after a train crash near there.  Since then, it seems to be haunted.  Things move from time to time. They have a Giant Connect 4.  They tested it with weight and vibrations and it was firm and didn’t move. Occasionally, it will just spill out on the floor.  It happened on camera.  They did say a kid was trying to talk to the ghost there. The kid was playing Mario Cart and said, “If I win, you pull out the brackets.” The kid did win and instantly the Connect 4 released onto the floor.

The group had an audio tape.  They had been talking on the walkies.  When they played the tape, a voice said “Mommy!”.  None of the people on the walkies said anything in the context that would sound like “Mommy”.

They showed a video of a light crossing over and disappearing.  They couldn’t explain it.  At the spot on the road, a month later, a different member of the group saw a sasquatch cross the road.  They had to stomp on the brakes so they didn’t hit it as it crossed the road.

As someone who is skeptical but still would like to believe, I found it to be an interesting panel.

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