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Treklanta Founder Eric Watts needs our help, starts a GoFundMe for donations

Treklanta Founder Eric Watts needs our help, starts a GoFundMe for donations

Atlanta Resident and Treklanta Convention founder Eric Watts has posted a GoFundMe Campaign asking for help. Something he has loathed to do. I have NEVER met Eric in real life, however talking to him on Facebook numerous times, Eric comes across as one of the most Passionate Star Trek fans I have ever talked to.  Basically Eric’s attempt to juggle both his house payment AND the bills for the treklanta convention has caused him to fall behind on both fronts. His mortgage company wants the back payments in full.  They have not specified a time frame, but knowing how lenders work, the answer is “sooner rather than later”.  The sum owed is $6,000.  He is also asking for an additional $5,000 to clear up the convention’s credit card balance, so they can go into the 2020 convention with a clear line of credit.  The Convention is not just a gathering for fans, they also host the “miss Klingon beauty pagent”, Fan Film screenings, and most importantly “The Bjo fan film awards”(named after the woman who coordinated the very first fan driven letter writing campaign to save a TV show, Bjo Trimble).  I will share the link to the GoFundMe, he has posted a 10 minute video where he explains how and why he needs the money.  The emotion in his voice is heartbreaking.  Hopefully some GeekyKool readers and fans, can help Eric.  every donation counts.


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