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Transformer Reboot : Beast Wars?!

I am a huge Transformers geek! More the cartoon, It was announced that Paramount was developing two new Transformers films. There aren’t details on these two films yet but rumors are being thrown out. One of these will apparently take place in the Bumblebee universe, which is awesome. 2018 Bumblebee was my favorite Transformer movie!

Of course, Bumblebee has been and always will be my absolute favorite!! 

The other movie is to be a wide scale reboot of the franchise. (Which I personally thought Bumblebee was suppose to be). According to Deadline, that reboot could take the form of a Beast Wars.

It is strange coincidence that Shpoo and I were watching Bumblebee this week and he actually said afterwards that he would love them to make Beast Wars movies.

Remember Beast Wars??

It was a spinoff of the Transformers featuring animal transformers. In the original cartoons Beast Wars takes place on an apparently alien planet. The Beast Wars transformers called the Maximals and the Predacons, start a war.  The series debuted in 1996 before ending in 1999.

So I would love seeing the Bumblebee Universe that maybe brings in more of the  Hasbro toy/cartoons into the universe.

What do you think about these rumors? Would you like the Transformers reboot based on Beast Wars? Would you rather see it stick to the Bumblebee Universe?

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