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Trailer: Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye

Trailer: Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye

Disney+ and the MCU has given us an early Christmas present with the trailer for Hawkeye.  This feel good holiday series… ummm… well it is taking place during the holidays… focuses on Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.  During the blip from the snap, Barton had given up the role of Hawkeye and took on the identity of Ronin before coming back to rejoin the Avengers.  When someone in a Ronin outfit shows up on the news, Clint goes to find what is happening and to redeem himself from his prior actions.  He teams up with fellow archer, Kate Bishop, to fix things and make it home for the holidays with his kids.

This trailer has the awesome feel of Matt Fraction and David Aja amazing run on the Hawkeye series.  Kate’s outfit is perfect. We have already seen the image of Lucky, the pizza dog.  It even looks like Clint is captured by the Tracksuit Draculas who like to say “Bro”.

This series starts on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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