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My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here.


D&Ders have finally been delivered a true D&D movie that is clearly made for fans but is also approachable and accessible by non-players.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES is the D&D movie we’ve been waiting for, we’ve been needing for decades. Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast rolled a crit. (NOTE: when a player rolls a 20-sided die and rolls a natural 20, then the player automatically gets whatever they wanted to achieve. It’s called a crit or critical hit. The opposite occurs when rolling a 1 on a 20-sided die and bad stuff happens).

Just like a well-balanced cocktail that ensures a solid mixture of sweet and bitter, acid and alcohol, HONOR AMONG THIEVES balances story and character development; adventure and action; and drama, comedy and pathos. The balance serves well from beginning to end, constantly interplaying those elements for a successful fantasy movie experience. D&Ders will see all kinds if D&D specific details, but that knowledge is not necessary or needed for enjoyment. The story plays excellently for a general audience giving any viewer a fantastic and fun experience.

I’d easily take a bunch of 9-year-olds, a pack of teens, a date, or adult friends and family to this movie without hesitation. It’s like everything great with Star Wars but in a fantasy setting. With such a diverse group of heroes and characters, everyone can find a hero to identify with. As with all good cinema, even the heroes are flawed, giving us a redemptive metaphor to take and apply to our real lives.

Don’t wait and don’t dismiss it as stupid fantasy. It’s a magical world of wonder and escapism that will snare the heart, satisfy the muscles, and tickle the ribs. Maybe, just maybe, a viewer may decide to give this role playing business a go.

Grade A
Currently available only in theaters
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