Top Ten Geeky KOOL Movies: Classics

I started a weekly column on geek kool movies in different categories a while back. After several weeks, life got in the way and the column was put on hold.  I am picking it  back up with this week’s Top Ten Geeky KOOL Classic Movies (1975 or older).

10) Seven Samurai
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
Samurai are KOOL.  This was of the first movies to bring a group of heroes with varied skilled together to save the helpless. It has been duplicated many times.

Great Quotes:
“Find hungry samurai.”

Heihachi Hayashida: “Not really. It’s a lot harder than killing enemies. Yah! ”
Gorobei Katayama: “Have you killed many?”
Heihachi Hayashida: “Since it’s impossible to kill them all – yah!”


9)  The Day the Earth Stood Still
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
Aliens land on Earth. They don’t want to destroy us or take over. Instead they want us to stop fighting ourselves so the rest of the universe can trust us.  This movie is one of the greatest sci fi movies of all times.  Gort is awesome.  It doesn’t hide its agenda but hits us in the face with it.  This is an fantastically geeky kool movie.

Great Quotes:
Klaatu “ I’m worried about Gort. I’m afraid of what he might do if anything should happen to me.”
Helen: “Gort? But he’s a robot. Without you, what could he do? “
Klaatu: “There’s no limit to what he could do. He could destroy the Earth.”

Barnhardt: “One thing, Mr. Klaatu: suppose this group should reject your proposals. What is the alternative?”
Klaatu:” I’m afraid there is no alternative. In such a case, the planet Earth would have to be… eliminated.”
Barnhardt: “Such power exists?”
Klaatu: “I assure you, such power exists.”


8) Godzilla (Gojira)
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
It is hard to beat a giant fire breathing Lizard who destroys Tokyo.  There is just something awesome about the rubber suit, the dubbed words, and cardboard buildings being destroyed. I love these movies and the top one is the Original Godzilla!

Great Quotes:
“I can’t believe that Godzilla was the only surviving member of its species… But if we continue conducting nuclear tests… it’s possible that another Godzilla might appear somewhere in the world again.”

“Ogata, humans are weak animals. Even if I burn my notes, the secret will still be in my head. Until I die, how can I be sure I won’t be forced by someone to make the device again?”


7) Casablanca
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
Night club owner Rick Blaine has to deal with Nazis and ex-girl friend.  This movie is full of intrigue, deception, and fun. Did I mention Nazis?  I love movies were Nazis are bad guys and lose.

Great Quotes:
Rick: “Your cash is good at the bar. “
Banker:” What? Do you know who I am?”
Rick: “I do. You’re lucky the *bar’s* open to you.”

“Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake.”

” All right, I will. Here’s looking at you, kid.”

6) The Godfather
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
This is the greatest mobster movie of all time.  It is epic and large It will completely engross you for hours at a time.

Great Quotes:
“I said that I would see you because I had heard that you were a serious man, to be treated with respect. But I must say no to you and let me give you my reasons. It’s true I have a lot of friends in politics, but they wouldn’t be so friendly if they knew my business was drugs instead of gambling which they consider a harmless vice. But drugs, that’s a dirty business.”

“In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.”


5)  Rebel Without a Cause
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
James Dean is just KOOL! He is a rebellious teenager with a checkered past. It has become the Teen angst movie that all other teen angst movies.

Great Quotes:
“You ever been in a chickie-run?”

“ Hey they forgot to wind the sundial”



4) Psycho
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
The shower scene has always made me jump. The psychological thought and process is great. It is a great thriller.  It is a must see for any scary movie geek or psychology geek.

Great Quotes:
“As if men don’t desire strangers! As if… ohh, I refuse to speak of disgusting things, because they disgust me! You understand, boy? Go on, go tell her she’ll not be appeasing her ugly appetite with MY food… or my son! Or do I have tell her because you don’t have the guts! Huh, boy? You have the guts, boy? “

“No! I will not hide in the fruit cellar! Ha! You think I’m fruity, huh? I’m staying right here. This is my room and no one will drag me out of it, least of all my big, bold son!”


3) 2001: A Space Odyssey
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
Arthur C Clarke’s vision of Space Travel.  Computers that talk, think, and make decisions for us. What could go wrong?  The special effects of running around the ship.  The music is KOOL.  Stanley Kubrick was a genius.

Great Quotes:
(Dave) “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”  (Hal) “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”


2) Rebecca
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
Alfred Hitchcock perfected his psychological thriller with Rebecca. There is nothing jumping out at you with weapons, no blood and guts, but caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand the entire movie.  What if the previous wife still had some sort of control over her widowed husband and the family servants and a new wife moves into the home.  It is  scary/ thriller geeky while maintaining the smooth delivery.  I won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1940.

Great Quotes:
“You thought I loved Rebecca? You thought that? I hated her!”

“ You thought you could be Mrs. de Winter, live in her house, walk in her steps, take the things that were hers! But she’s too strong for you. You can’t fight her – no one ever got the better of her. Never, never. She was beaten in the end, but it wasn’t a man, it wasn’t a woman. It was the sea!”


1) Maltese Falcon
What Makes It Geeky KOOL?
Humphrey Bogart is reason enough to pick this movie. Bogart’s portrayal of  Samuel Spade is the quintessential private Detective.  Spade was in the noir vein of MIke Hammer and Philip Marlowe.  This movie keeps you guessing with all the lies and betrayals. In my opinion, it was the best role of one of the greatest actors in film history.

Great Quotes:
“You know, that’s good, because if you actually were as innocent as you pretend to be, we’d never get anywhere.”

“I couldn’t be fonder of you if you were my own son. But, well, if you lose a son, it’s possible to get another. There’s only one Maltese Falcon.”

Honorable Mention:
Splendor in the Grass, King Kong, Rear Window, Waterfront,  Cool Hand Luke, Frankenstein, The Time Machine, Metropolis

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