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Top TEN Best Manga by Arina Tanemura:

Top TEN Best Manga by Arina Tanemura:

Last month, I did some top tens over my favorite manga series, categorized by English translation companies.  So I thought I would highlight my favorite manga artist on this post and last this month, my favorite manga team.  =)

Arina Tanemura has been a manga-ka for 25 years, since she was 18.  Her style is romantic and enchanting, the stories gripping and multilayered without being confusing, the twists always getting me.  They are masterpieces to the eyes and mind, warming my soul, modern fairy tales coming to life.  Plus, she dresses so kawaii and has two cats! =^.^=  Two of her mangas, “Full Moon” and “Phantom Thief Jeanne” were made into animes.  I wish all of her mangas would become anime in her breathtaking style! Ah! What a dream! <3

You can find out more about this lovely and talented artist and author on her fanpage HERE.

If you click on the links, it will take you to the pages to purchase them and get a blurb. They are all translated by the fabulous Shojo Beat.

Now, let’s get whisked away into a world of time travelers, idols, wish-granting demons, and more.

Top TEN Best Manga by Arina Tanemura:

  1. Full Moon (7 volumes)
  2. Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (11 volumes)
  3. Idol Dream (6 volumes so far)
  4. Time Stranger Kyoto (3 volumes)
  5. Sakura Hime (12 volumes)
  6. Phantom Thief Jeanne (5 volumes)
  7. Artbooks by artist
  8. I.O.N. (1 volume)
  9. Mistress Fortune (1 volume)
  10. Short Tempered Melancholic (1 volume)

You can check out the list of all the mangas I have read in order of favorites on my author website HERE.


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For more information about Morgan and her works, check out her website, which also has links to all her social medias: http://morganscomnick.com

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