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Top Five CLAMP Mascots:

Top Five CLAMP Mascots:

My favorite manga-ka/team is CLAMP, who has been in the industry since the late 80’s.  They have shaped it with their in-depth storytelling, gorgeous designs, and fleshed out characters.

“Cardcaptor Sakura” was my first manga (and still my favorite) and anime that I knew was an anime.  I have so much “Cardcaptor Sakura” and CLAMP merch it is crazy. My love with Japanese culture expanded through these magical tales by these four amazing ladies.

I have done several lists on my AUTHOR WEBSITE about “Cardcaptor Sakura” and CLAMP’s life-changing to me works, including them ranked by favorites.  I know I wanted to honor them with my Geeky Kool peeps.  Who better to do it with than it with the adorable, magical, and comical mascot characters that often it in fantasy/magical girl/sci-fi shows.  CLAMP is a pro at crafting these kawaii and powerful little guys!

Plus, the second “Cardcaptor Sakura” movie mascot short is my favorite SHORT of ALL TIME! 😀

Let’s meet the CLAMP crew! Sound off! 

Top Five CLAMP Mascots:

5. Suppi from “Cardcaptor Sakura” and “Clear Card:”

The familiar of the sun that is the counter to the main mascot, Kero, in “Cardcaptor Sakura,” Spinner Sun or Suppi is a snarky, chill little cat-like creature with butterfly wings that serves Eriol in season 3 of the anime.  However, whenever he eats sweets, watch out! It gets him way too hyper and he tends to shoot laser beams! Everyone has their perks, right?

4. Ioryogi from “Kobato:”

This angry looking stuffed dog has a nasty bark and isn’t afraid to bare his fangs, but deep down, there is goodness in his core.  He looks scary, but how he guides the innocent and naive Kobato makes for an odd balance and tender dynamic.  And then when I read his backstory?  AH! My heart and ship! *cries* Breathtaking!

3. Black Mokona from “xxxholic:”

Raspy voice?  Shiny blue gem?  A communication device that has an affinity for sake?  That makes up this rabbit-like critter known as Mokona.  But, yes, he simply is “a Mokona.”  He and his mistress Yuko like to make life a chore for poor Watnuki, often cracking me up.  He is as mysterious as he is adorable and rowdy.

2. White Mokona from “Magic Knights Rayearth” and “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles:”

Mokona Modoki ready to go! Wha-hoo!!! I love this little guy! His 108 special skills (all useful), the way he teases Kuro Poo, his adorable voice, and the way he cuddles! He is literally a device that allows people to travel to other worlds.  In Magic Knights Rayearth, his little ‘puu’ sounds are sweet and his hopping makes you wonder if he’s a living marshmallow.  But, what he REALLY is at the end of the manga…a conclusion that sings to me still!

1. Kero from “Cardcaptor Sakura” and “Clear Card:”

Hidey-Hidey Ho! Kero here! This guy is my mascot! His love for food speaks to me on so many levels.  He love video games and has this confidence that is inspiring, but also amusing.  Kero is loyal to Sakura, butchly showing her the ropes of magic with his gung ho attitude.  Still, deep down, he has a heart as warm as his sun power source.  I follow his life lesson, “expect the unexpected.”  He’s cute, powerful, and worthy of being on so much merch! HA!


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