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10 Things I Learned from my Mom:

10 Things I Learned from my Mom:

Mothers are truly gifts.  They give us life, take care of us, educate us, and help us gain memories.  No matter what relationship you have with your mother, there is a female out there that has done this for you.  ^_^ They are a blessing.

The heavens have bestowed on me the greatest momma meant for me.  And to honor her this month (although my heart does every day,) I wanted to share with all of you lovely people some fun slogans or life lessons that my mom has graced me with over the years.

Top 10 Things I Learned from my Mom:

  • White Light– My mom has always said this (she still texts it to me.)  When I was younger, she would draw a circle in the air in front of and tell me to remember the white light.  Normally, she tells me this when traveling or going through something serious medical.  It means she wants me to be safe and is praying for the Heavens to look out for me.  My mom loves me with her whole essence and heart; it’s easy to see.  She also has given me my silver angel clips in my car to protect me.  Having someone who cares so deeply about if I am safe makes me see my value.
  • Always dream– My mommy is a beautiful free spirit.  She is full of such creativity, whimsy, and ideas. A dreamer.  And she instilled it in me.  Dream bright. Dream passionately.  Dream often.  And work hard on it.  Within this mindset and her believing my own dreams, I have been able to become a teacher, author, and have a good life.
  • Be yourself/quirky– I know I’m nerdy, colorful, shy, and odd.  One time, my mom called me “Quirky.”  I was first very confused, but over the years, that and ‘bubbly’ seem to fit as descriptions dubbed about me by others.  My momma might not get my love for anime, but she always encouraged me to love what I love and got them for me for the holidays.  She’ll chuckle at my mismatched attire, but still let me do wear what I want for it makes me happy.  She tells me to be proud of myself and isn’t afraid to share my interests and accomplishments with everyone.  I’m grateful for that.
  • ‘You better…or I’ll turn you into cheddar.” AND “You put the lime in the coconut.’ While growing up, mom would let us cuddle with her in her massive big bed and my brother Miles and I would have little phrases just for us.  My main one was one of us would say, “I Love You.” The other replied: “You better…” Then the first one would finish: “Or I’ll turn you into cheddar!” Maybe this started my love for cheese! LOL! And the three of us sang “You put the lime in the coconut.”  This shows my mom’s nurturing and sweet playful side.  She still likes silly little things like this and so do I.  ^_^ The littlest things mean the most.
  • Singing ‘Rudolph: The Red Nose Reindeer!’– Oh Jingle Bells! When I tell people my brother and I have the entire 1964 classic holiday special “Rudolph- The Red Nose Reindeer” memorized, I AM NOT KIDDING! We have watched every year at Christmas our entire lives.  It’s my mom’s favorite.  Christmas is precious to her, bringing back wonderful memories and she was 6 when this special first aired, the perfect age group for the magic.  Miles and I tease her about it, but I enjoy this time.  We have summer sausage, cheese cubes, hot cocoa, and candy as we watch it.  We’ve never watched it in Spanish and French in recent years since we know it by heart (although the epic songs are not translated oddly.)  Miles and I also randomly quote it during the year to mess with people.  It’s a nice memory the two of us will bond over that is purely mom.  I also DEFINITELY got my love and extreme devotion to Christmas from my momma!  At one time, she had nine Christmas trees in her house, all themed! People think I’m kidding about being eager and good at helping to decorate, I AM NOT!
  • “Smile!” (Picture-taking practice)– This one cracks and stuns people!  During Christmases and Birthdays, my mom makes them big fanfare (something else she instilled in me; I love celebrating holidays and those I love! My mom spent so much time, money, and energy making them special that we had a system:  we would take turns opening gifts, Miles first since he was the youngest.  Show them off.  After five, we would pause, set out gifts in our hands or on our laps, smile, then move on.  We see a camera, we are TRAINED! My dad calls me a camera ham because of it, but we both do it on INSTICT! I promise I am shy normally, lol!  Our gifts are also numbered, usually #1 being something cool the largest numbers are our bigger or special gifts (we were super small and couldn’t read, our three biggest gifts had bows on them so we knew.)  I do the numbering and make my friends and family pose like mom; they all just do it automatically for me! I feel POWERFUL! ;)-  And if I go on a holiday where everyone rips into their gifts all at once, I literally FREEZE! I don’t know what to do! I am trained to smile, which I am okay with. 🙂

  • ‘Hanuka Matata!’– My favorite childhood movie, Disney movie, animated movie, heck, Top Ten FAVORITE movie, is “The Lion King!” My mother has always cared for this love that changed my life since I was four: by letting me see the film in theaters four times, buying me my precious Simba stuffed animal, letting me celebrate his birthday at a local restaurant every year, all the toys, making my senior family surprise trip was seeing “The Lion King” on Broadway (and sneaking my plush Simba in her purse with me!) She even made my senior yearbook quote (where parents submitted sweet words and a childhood picture) say some of the greatest life advice ever told: ‘Hanuka Matata!’
  • ‘Around the world!’ (Our shows together-) Sharing interests with someone is a wonderful way to bond.  Momma was great and tolerated all the kiddie films parents are forced to consume when raising a child, ha! When we got older, we started watching “Project Runway” and the rest is history! Especially finding my fashion idol, Tim Gunn! Mom and I watched “Glee,” musicals, and more.  Now that we are older, we sadly do not have much time to do this, but we give each other suggestions (Dwight and Shining Armor anyone?) and trying to see special films together (like the new “Little Woman” and “Elvis” with Tom Hanks and Austin Butler.)  And yes, she has introduced me to her beloved 70’s and 80’s rom-coms and I anime to her (we both liked some and were confused about others!)
  • ‘Disco is Dead!’ (being stuck in the 70’s self-) I say this with endearment; my mom is stuck in the past with her interests! HA! She is definitely a 70’s flower child, a disco diva.  Well, we ‘hate’ to tell her…Disco is DEAD! xD She grunts when we say that.  But, I love that these memories, medias, and styles make her happy and who she is and she keeps them close to her no matter what.  Again, the importance of being yourself.  Now that Miles and I are older, we are stuck in the 90’s and early 00’s in our minds and hearts, seeing its greatness and how it shaped us, STILL makes us joyful.  We defend them to no end.  Huh…So maybe the lesson is you DO become your parents OR what goes around comes around!
  • Cute nicknames for the dogs (animal-loving)– Winnie Doll.  Lancey Foo Foo.  Gabby Wabby.  Cooker.  Georgie Prorgie. My mom has such a tender heart for animals.  I didn’t have my first pet until I was 12, but having a beautiful innocent creature only filled with love for you really makes you a better person, opens up your soul, and builds compassion.  I am so blessed to have had these sweet babies and I owe my mom and her animal rescuer and lover heart for it.

My mom had this in a photo frame and gave me a copy.  She said the kids reminded her of Miles and I and it made her feel good knowing an angel was always with us, that we should always believe.


Thank someone you care for! Be grateful for love! Stay geeky!


Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice, and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real-life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan’s mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly.

For more information about Morgan and her works, check out her website, which also has links to all her social medias: http://morganscomnick.com


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