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The Wolverine Has Surprise Clip In the Credits

Image from thewolverinemovie.com
Image from thewolverinemovie.com

I haven’t seen this weeks big geek movie:  The Wolverine. But I have been hearing all about the clip embedded in the credits.  If you don’t want it spoiled, then just know that you need to stay through the credits.

SPOILERS: Two years after the events in The Wolverine, Logan is going through an airport.  He makes a joke about getting a pat down instead of going through the metal detector.  There is a commercial for Trask Industries (maker of the Sentinels).   All of the metal items in in the airport were flying around and then everyone stopped.  Magneto shows up and tries to recruit Logan.  Logan asks why he should trust him.  Professor X appears and reveals he is working with Magneto. This is a huge set up for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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