The Wards of Iasos: Book 1: The Leftovers — YA Novel by J. Christopher Wilson

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I recently sat down and interviewed Young Adult Novelist, J. Christopher Wilson.  His new book, The Wards of Iasos: Book 1: The Leftovers, is a fantasy novel about those that just don’t fit in.  This rag tag group has to learn how survive in their harsh world and their lessons from Mr. Andvari  at The Wards of Iasos.

Some people are just weird. They don’t fit in––not at school, not at home, not with other kids no matter how hard they try.

In the age of dwarves and dragons, graduation from the Iasos Unified Preparatory Abbey is legally required in order to have the skills to survive the harsh world and contribute to the society. Those outcasts who do not graduate end up as slaves, or worse. For the ones lucky enough to live in the land of D’wyee, there is an alternative school where The Wards of Iasos––the Leftovers of society––go to find their path before it’s assigned for them. It’s a last hope for those who do not fit in with society. (Wards)

The Wards of Iasos: Book 1: The Leftovers
is now available on Amazon.   J. Christopher Wilson will be in attendance at Planet Comicon this weekend in Kansas City.  You can pick up an autographed copy of the book from him at Booth #1634- Goldminds Publishing.  Look for the Dwarf with a purple beard.


I have been unable to get my full interview with J. Christopher Wilson onto Geeky KOOL.  It will be up this weekend.  Please check back and enjoy the fun interview.

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