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Quite a different take on the whole war movie genre. Doug Liman (“The Edge of Tomorrow”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”) takes the reins of this low budget fairly high-concept thriller. “The

Wall” plays like “Phone Booth” meets “The Hurt Locker”, in a single location drama that provides impressive acting performances and fine use of its setting.

Its 2007 while President Bush has declared victory in the Iraq War, not all hostiles have been removed. A pair of U.S. Army snipers (Aron Taylor-Jonhson and John Cena) responds to a distress call near a key oil pipeline. During their surveying mission they spot 8 dead bodies, after much waiting it’s clear that the shooter is still active. With his friend bleeding out, the other tries to radio for help while dodging the hidden sniper, all this with only a wall to take cover behind that could collapse at anytime.


Every choice and move is instrumental, especially when he makes contact with the sniper and then it turns into a psychological mind game as the unseen enemy starts quoting Edgar Allan Poe and debating who the real terrorist are. “The Wall” gives us an emotionally stricken performance from Taylor-Johnson in nearly every bit of the 81 minute film. This mixed with director Liman’s leveled up tension and really making you feel like you’re in the heat and grime of the Iraqi desert not to mention the wise use of sound and vision.


“The Wall” itself becomes a fourth character, essential to the plot and a clear metaphor in a story with no easy way out. ‘The Wall’ a very exciting thriller, it’s thoughtful and restlessly suspenseful a lean, character-driven and quietly rewarding film.


Rated R for language throughout and some war violence

The language is a heavy hitter well over 200 F bombs along with every thing else.

Definitely recommend watching this on VIDANGEL



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