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The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad


Review by Ashley Grant

Buckle Up DC Fans! This is the movie we’ve wanted for years! James Gunn’s new film The Suicide Squad gives us the fun, chaotic and many times random super-powered antiheroes doing Amanda Waller’s dirty work. For those hesitant to watch this movie because of the extreme deviations of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad of twenty sixteen; rest assured Gunn’s movie does the group justice. With a healthy mix of reoccurring cast and new faces the true, wacky, and dangerous Task Force X are sent out on the prowl again.

Where the twenty sixteen movie’s Amanda Waller was watered down to reach the more conventional tastes of mainstream audiences; Gunn shows how much of a coldhearted villain the character we the comic fans have always known. Viola Davis is back, calling all the shots and taking no flack for a new mission.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Joel Kinnaman’s role as Rick Flag are welcomed returning faces. Sylvestor Stallone coming into the fold as Nanue, aka King Shark, provides steady comedy relief that doesn’t feel forced. With wacky antics, Devil May Care attitudes and the plan within a plan thinking of Amanda Waller; this movie is truly geared towards the comic fans; yet is well rounded enough for all audiences to enjoy. In theaters and streaming on HBO Max, this movie is a wonderful wild ride of an action flick.

5/5 rating from me!

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