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Following last summer’s spy action comedy “The Hitmans’s

Bodyguard”, starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, Lionsgate now flips the gender coin with “The Spy Who Dumped Me”.

Not to be confused with the “Austin Powers” or “007” movies (granted there is some references too 007). Audrey (Mila Kunis) is turning 30 and not happy with her life: Her boyfriend just broke-up with her (in a text message), her manically-upbeat BFF Morgan (Kate McKinnon) tries to cheer-up Audrey by throwing her a party. It doesn’t work.

But the next day, following a series of crazy off the wall events Audrey learns that Drew, her ex, actually works for the CIA and that they’re all is danger. Soon the two ladies, who appear to be incapable of completing even the simplest task, are on their way to Europe to carry-out a mission to prevent bad guys from killing a lot of people.

With several exotic locations, elaborate shoot-outs and multiple chases, this had to be a challenging project for director/co-writer Sunsanna Gogel(of the former ABC Family series “Chasing Life”).

Sam Heughan (“Outlander” fame) is Sebastian an MI: 6 agent whose partner has his own agenda. He joins up with the ladies trying to catch Audry’s ex. Sam mentioned this role was quite a change for him after spending years on “Outlander” but really enjoyed the experience. He joked getting to recreate a couple of shots from “Casino Royale” and having quite a few intense fights of his own.

Gillian Anderson gets several high profile moments to play her version of Judy Dench’s M as Wendy, (McKinnon’s) Morgan evens jokes about the role giving her props.

Ivanna Sakhno gets quite a stand out but limited role as a bad girl. Apparently fluent in gymnastics, while she’s cute and very petite there is one scene during an interrogation she switches gears and turnsreally creepy.



 I never watched any of the “Austin Powers” films considering they looked way too corny and weird; the trailers were enough for me. Even still “The Spy Who Dumped Me” plays as sort of a middle ground between spoof and hardcore James Bond.



I strongly suggest watching this on VidAngel considering its Rated R for violence, language throughout, some crude sexual material and graphic nudity (male nudity that is)

Streaming on VidAngel/ClearPlay


Granted this has a mediocre IMDB score of 6.1/10 I found it very entertaining, even though it’s not plausible at all.


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