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The Savage Avengers

The Savage Avengers

Here is the latest in the various Avengers groups.  Marvel introduces The Savage Avengers this May. This will be an eclectic group of savage characters.  This will be an ongoing series from Marvel.  The series will be written by Gerry Duggan of the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN series. It will be drawn by INFINITY WARS artist Mike Deodato.  The cover art on issue #1 is David Finch.

Conan The Barbarian has been brought forward to the modern time.  He is definitely a fish out of water. But this has not lowered his savagery.

This team up for Avengers includes Conan, Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, Elektra, and Brother Voodoo.  This group is intense and crazy. There is no surprise that Wolverine is a member because he is a member of half a dozen teams.  This team makes the most sense for Wolverine.

The Savage Avengers will be launched on Free Comic Book day on May the Fourth.  There will be  a 10 page story of Savage Avengers.  It will be followed by issue #1 on May 1st.

(Via ComicBook.com)

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