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The Next MCU Big Bad Can ONLY Be…

The Next MCU Big Bad Can ONLY Be…

Hey guys!


Shpoo here, from Skallywag Productions! First and foremost, allow me to say that I am honored to be invited to partner up and work with GeekyKool! A hunger for all things nerd is something that we share and a partnership such as this, simply makes sense! We produce a show, that I call Mindless Drivel, every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, where we cover a little bit of everything! Like movies (reviews, opinions, theories, etc.), Comics, Conspiracy Theories, Cryptids… You name it!


As for today’s video… I was not a huge fan of Avengers: Endgame. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was entertaining enough, but it had more than it’s fair share of problems! The biggest of these being, that it spent a good deal of time establishing a clear set of rules for itself, and then immediately ignored those rules!


Ever since the movies release, the writers and directors have come out (on an almost daily basis) to explain one thing or another, that wasn’t exactly clear, after the credits rolled. In my opinion, any movie that has to be explained by the people that made it, AFTER the fact, is simply a poorly written movie!


Perhaps the two biggest problems that Endgame created, are: 1. How do we move on to a new villain, without taking a giant step backward? And 2. Why not just use time travel to solve any and all future threats?


I believe that I have a way that the MCU can move forward and solve BOTH of these problems, with one very simple step!


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