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The Mandalorian Casts Ahsoka Tano

The speculation and rumors have flown around that The Mandalorian on Disney+ would have a live action Ahsoka Tano on season 2.  Now those rumors are confirmed with the announcement of Rosario Dawson joining the cast as Ahsoka.  Ahsoka is one of the most popular Star Wars characters yet has only appeared in the animated series of The Clone Wars and Rebels. Dawson will be the first to portray Ahsoka in live action.

Ahsoka first appeared on The Clone Wars cartoon movie.  Her character was added to give Anakin a padawan and make him more likable.  As the seasons went on,  Ahsoka character fully developed and she stole the series.

She later appeared on the Star Wars Cartoon Rebels.  Her character was left in a weird place at the end of  her arch on the show.  We know The Mandalorian  is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order.

Her voice was one of the multitude that spoke to Rey in Rise of Skywalker. Because of that, we assume she died prior to time frame of the ninth movie.

We have a ton of questions about Ahsoka. How did she survive the Empire and their hunters?  Why didn’t she team up with Luke at some point?  Where has she been?  Did she become a Grey Jedi since she left the order of the Jedi?  Hopefully many of these will be answered next season when she comes to The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.


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