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Starlet Revolution Interview #2: Toni Globis

Here is the second interview in the Starlet Revolution Calendar interviews. Toni Globis is the technical director for the project: Take 2: Starlet Revolution Calendar.  Toni is one of the models.  She took the roles of both Sophia Loren and Bettie Page.  Toni is a regular on the awesome podcast, Fanatics and The Fan.

GK: Tell our readers a little about yourself and your previous modeling experience.

TG:  I don’t really know what to say about myself. My name is Toni. I work as a tech in production. I love all things Harry Potter. I’m a bit of a foodie. I love coffee. And one day I want to go to Morocco. I end up doing a lot of modeling type stuff but I don’t feel like I’m a model. 

GK: Which starlet was your modeling session based on?

TG: Sophia Loren, the Italian Beauty.

GK: How did you get yourself prepared for the role of a famous actress?

TG:  I sort of asked for it. I’m Italian. I jokingly told her she had to let me be Sophia Loren or we couldn’t be friends anymore. I didn’t do much to prepare. I went through photos of her and played with matching clothes in my closet. Then I was just kinda myself.

GK: What was this experience like for you?

TG: It was wonderful. I mean I got to make spaghetti and I got to eat it. I got to show off my features that make Sophia and I, who we are. It really couldn’t have been better. Other than maybe if it was on a beach.

Is there another Starlet that you like to model in the future?

TG:  I told AJ, I would be her Hedy Lemar.

GK: Thank you for your time to answer a few questions.

TG: You’re very welcome. Thanks for asking and thanks for sharing this project we got to be apart of.


There is our interview with the wonderful Toni Globins.  Toni is an awesome and cool.

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