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Springfield Jedi Arts Academy

Image via starwars.wikia.com
Image via starwars.wikia.com

Springfield, MO (where I currently reside) has a Jedi Arts Academy.  Theron Sturgess is the lead instructor at Dynamic Edge Martial Arts and at the Springfield Jedi Arts Academy.  Springfield Jedi Arts Academy is a part of Dynamic Edge Martial Arts.

Sturgess has 30 years experience teaching  jiu-jitsu and kenpo.  He blends his martial arts training with the principles of the Jedi from the Star Wars movies.  He brings in the three pillars of Jedi training:  the Force, knowledge and self-discipline.

The Springfield Jedi Arts Academy has various types of training available.  Private lessons with Sturgess can provide the hands on Master/Padawan learning experience.  The Springfield Jedi Arts Academy has monthly events to demonstrate with the  Academy has to offer. The next event is March 19th and will be FREE and geared for kids and families. Attendees will need doctor’s approval for physical training.

The Springfield Jedi Arts Academy is for all people with an interest in learning this style of Martial Arts and training.  They have had kids aged 5 years old and adults in their 60s.  Female make up about 40% of the padawans. 

Some of the students have gone from playing Star Wars Video games to being a part of a video game like environment.  Many students are using the lessons as a way to fight weight issues.  It is good form of exercise.

If you would like to get more information, you can contact Dynamic Edge Martial Arts at 417-889-8900. They are located 2768 S. Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO.  Check them out on Facebook.

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