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Rumor: X-23 to Appear in Wolverine 3

Image via Marvel.com

There is a hot new rumor that Wolverine 3 will have X-23 as a character.  X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine.  She is the 23rd attempt and the best clone of Logan.  In the comics, Wolverine eventually accepts her.  When he dies in The Death of Wolverine comic series, X-23 takes over the name of Wolverine.

This third stand alone Wolverine movie will be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine.  He hangs up the claws after it is over.  Jackman has become the iconic image of the X-Men’s most popular character.

If (and it is a big if at this point) X-23 is major character in Wolverine 3, could she become the new Wolverine for future X-Men movies?  An X-23 driven movie franchise or even part of the X-Men would be an interesting and pretty KOOL idea for the movie franchises.

(Via CBR)

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