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Rumor: Rogue Is the Bad Guy in Captain Marvel 2

Rumor: Rogue Is the Bad Guy in Captain Marvel 2

According to rumors all over the internet, X-Men’s Rogue could be the the bad guy in the next Captain Marvel movie.  This is a completely unconfirmed rumor from Mikey Sutton via Superhero Buzz.

It would be really KOOL if Rogue is in this movie as a bad guy.  Many know Rogue from her time with the X-Men and her on again and off again romance with Gambit.  The 90s X-Men cartoon highlighted this.

In the comics, before Rogue joined the X-Men, she was a part of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants.  Her powers to borrow powers from othes was her main ability.  During this time, she confronted Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel). During this fight, Rogue uses her powers to absorb powers and takes all of Carol’s powers permanently instead of the usual temporary drain.   Rogue also had Ms Marvel’s voice stuck in her head.  After all of that worked out, Rogue kept the super strength and flight abilities even though Ms Marvel got her powers back. Eventually, Rogue saw the error of her ways and became a hero with the X-Men.

Telling a version of this story, would be amazing.  The 90s X-Men cartoon did a good job of telling this.  Hopefully, the MCU could also do an awesome job of it. This is still just a rumor but it would be an awesome way to introduce mutants into the MCU and Rogue’s bad guy history.

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