Rikki Simons Interview Tidewater Comicon 2018


Rikki Simons Interview

Rikki Simons is best known for his voicing acting as Gir and artwork for the Nickelodeon cartoon Invader Zim. This year he was one of the celebrity guest speakers in  Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mr. Simons was nice enough to give me an interview for GeekyKool.  This will be the first of the interviews for Comicon 2018.

First Question: What was the most challenging part about playing Gir From Invader Zim?

Rikki: There weren’t any perticular challenges with Gir. My biggest challenge for all the characters I do is voice acting without coughing. Some voices, like Gir, can cause asthma spasms and coughing.

Second Question: What was it like working with Jhonen Vasquez?

Rikki: I’ve known Jhonen since 1995, and we’re very good friends. I know what he likes, he can be meticulous, but if I made a mistake that he thought was funny he’d leave it in and find a way to work it into the script.

Third Question: Did you ever expect such a huge fan following from Invader Zim?

Rikki: I didn’t know what to expect.

Fourth Question: And Invader Zim does have a new movie coming out later this year, will it feature the unreleased episode that was shown at San Diago ComicCon?

Rikki: Yes, there;s a new tv movie, I love that we’re still doing this. And I can’t answer your question but I will say Jhonen has written all new stuff for the movie, we’ve already finished voicing the script and are just waiting for the third part to be animated by the studio.

Rikki: Are you disappointed with how the series ended?

Rikki: I loved the Christmas episode, it’s one of my favorites. I’m disappointed that it ended, but not how it ended.

And finally, What projects are you currently working on?

Rikki: I am always working on stuff with my wife Tavisha; we are constantly working on our web comic, @TaviCat. I also do voicing for Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords where I’ve done multiple charcters.

To see Rikki Simons webcomic @TaviCat, go to tavicat.com. You can also buy autographed pictures of Gir, and donate to their art. I encourage everyone to check it out.

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