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Review: The Hunter and the Bringer

Review: The Hunter and the Bringer

Last year, I supported Morgan Straughan Comnick for her audio book, The Hunter and the Bringer.  I am so glad I did.  Here is my Review for the Audio book.

The Hunter and the Bringer is An Amazing adventure story with incredible characters and plot. As I listened, I visualized the adventure in my head. I could picture the interactions. I could smell the scents of the school and the Bar-B-Q. The writing of Morgan Straughan Comnick is masterful. Major book publishers should be banging on her door and throwing money at her for this series and to contract her for all future writing.

The voices of Lexi Evans and Logan Anare are phenomenal as these characters. I will always hear their voices with these characters. Logan knows how to play the conceded and arrogant Jeremey Darington perfectly. Lexi is the kick butt and amazing Val Hemmingway in every way. I love their interaction and how they play off of each other. Their acting is top notch. If I needed voice actors for anything, these two would be at the top of the list.

I went from not knowing much about The Hunter and the Bringer to become an instant fanboy. I was upset with the story ended. I wanted more. I am dying to know what happens to Val and Jeremy as they take on the big bad. It was close to my disappoint when Empire Strikes Back ended in the theaters in 1980, which was a traumatic thing for my young self.  The experience of listening to this audio book was a complete delight.

Sorry Logan, but I am completely Team Val.

I cannot wait to read or even better listen to the next one, Monsters and Mortals.

If you haven’t checked out Morgan’s book,  The Hunter and the Bringer, make sure you do.  You can pick up a copy on Amazon here or listen to it on Audible like I did here.

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