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Retracting Wonder Woman Lunch Box Story

Last week, we ran an article about a girl sent home from school with note banning her Wonder Woman Lunch Box. This story was false. It never happened. It was part of the numerous false news reports all over the internet. We blew it and ran the story believing it was real.

This story hit big across the internet last Wednesday. I continued to check on sources for this story most of the day. I was skeptical about it from the beginning. After seeing several reputable sites pick up the story and ran with it, I made the decision to post it.

In my original post about the lunchbox, I stated ” At first, I was unsure of the validity of the article and/or if it was a fake news article.”  I went on to say, “It appears to be a real story.”  As we now know, the story was fake and it did fool a ton of people.

At Geeky KOOL, we strive for accurate information with sources.  I often hold off on a story because of the source information.  This time I went against my better judgement, ran the story, and was taken.  We apologize for the misleading story.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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