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Real Functional Mech Robot

You knew someone would eventually make an operational Mech Warrior. It makes complete sense that it would be a company in Japan that would accomplish it. This is great video. The Kuratas Mecha robot has an operational Gatling gun that fires plastic BBs.  It comes equipped with water rocket launcher. You can even drive it down the road but at a snail paced 10KM per hour.

This is greatly KOOL. When I make my millions, I will own a Kuratas Mecha robot.  I might supe it up a bit – maybe a 450 V-8?  I would  drive it to Wal-Mart and dare someone to take my parking spot.  I would just smile at anyone who dare steal my spot.

How long until U.S. Marines have a squadron  of these with 50 Cals and real rocket launchers?

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