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R Rating for DC’s Animated “Killing Joke”

The classic 80’s Batman/Joker graphic novel is being adapted to an animated movie. Batman: The Killing Joke will be a direct to video animated movie like many other DC Animated movies.   According to EW, this very graphic, violent, and twisted comic will be an “R” Rated animated movie.

I am not surprised by this rating. Most people who have read the comic could assume a true adaptation of it would have to be “R” rated. Because the material is so intense, it would be difficult to make a PG or PG-13 episode.

Batman The Killing Joke was written by Alan Moore.  Moore is know for his unusual and thought provoking writing.  He wrote some of the most icon comics and graphic novels.  Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V for Vendetta are a few of his more famous comic books.  Moore does pull away from controversial and shocking stories.

If you are sensitive to blood, violence, or horror, I  recommend you pass on this animated adaption.

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