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Pretty in Pink: 33 years and I still hate Blane!

It was February 28, 1986 when Pretty in Pink walked into my life. I remember that this was the first movies I got to go see without my parents in the same theater. My friends and I sat watching the tale of Andie and her struggle for acceptance and love in her Chicago high school.

The movie was brought to us by John Hughes the man who many think of as the 80s Teen movie KING! He brought us movies such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club (one of my favorite movies of all time!!), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science, Some Kind of Wonderful (also one of my favorites!) and more. He seemed to not only understand the teens of the 80s but he captured the moments of our childhood in such a way that it still translates today. John Hughes teamed up once more with the Teen Queen of the 80s Molly Ringwald (Andie Walsh). Along side a wonderful cast of young actors of the times; Jon Cryer (Duckie Dale Andie’s best friend who is crushing on her), Andrew McCarthy (Blane who is Andie’s love interest), James Spader (Steff the rich bully) and Annie Potts (Iona Andie’s cool boss and older friend).

So you may think by the title of this article that I hate this movie. I do not. I just hate Blane!

I actually  love parts of this movie. Even when I first saw it back in 1986 I wasn’t a fan of the love story between Andie and Blane. I kind of agreed with Duckie on this one.

“His name is Blane? Oh! That’s a major appliance, that’s not a name!” ~Duckie

I know that some of my readers are going to disagree with this opinion but these two really didn’t pull out the chemistry on film for me. Maybe it was the character Blane and his inability to just make up his own mind and just like who he liked. I am not sure but even the teen queen herself could not make me like Andie and Blane together. I have never been able to root for these two.

So if I don’t LOVE this love story why do I write about it now and why watch it a few times a year. Well, to be completely honest this is one of those movies where the supporting cast carries it for me! They make the movie  not the leads.

So let’s talk about what I do LOVE about Pretty in Pink on this it’s 33rd birthday!

3. Steff portrayed by James Spader. Not John Hughes best rich guy bully (I still prefer Craig Sheffer as Hardy Jenns in Some Kind of Wonderful) but at least Steff is a consistent character who isn’t wishy washy. Sorry Blane! Even though there isn’t really an arc or any plot push for Steff, I still found myself liking him more than Blane!!

2. Iona portrayed by Annie Potts. I loved this character. I use to hope that John Hughes would make a movie about her and her life. Her fashion, wit and a presence stole the show from Andie in every scene for me. I know Andie was suppose to be this fashionista type girl who made her own clothes and was cool. But compared to Iona, Andie was kind of lame. Iona was bold and fun! She was colorful and interesting. And Annie Potts as Iona became my fashion goal as a girl! I still love her so much and would love an Iona movie!

Duckie : You know what an older women does for me?

Iona : Changes your diapers?

Duckie : Touché

And my number one reason to still watch Pretty in Pink…. DUCKIE!!

1. Yes number 1 came in second to get the girl he loved. But he will always have this geeky girls heart!

Duckie portrayed by the funny Jon Cryer. Way before his 2 and a half Men fame. Jon captures the feelings of being friend zoned before we knew the term friend zoned! I know a lot of people wanted Andie and Duckie to end up together in the film. Not me. Andie wasn’t good enough for Duckie. She really wasn’t. I loved his sense of self and style. He didn’t let anyone try to change him. He was always there for her even when she didn’t deserve it. And that was a lot of the movie to be honest. And I am glad he didn’t end up with her. Let her have her Blane and his inability to make up his mind about ANYTHING! I prefer the constant and kind Duckie!

Duckie : It’s called a sense of humor – you should get one – they’re nice.

So Happy 33rd Birthday Pretty in Pink. Because of you I have spent my life searching for my Duckie and hoping to be a fashion icon like Iona!!

Duckie: May I admire you again today?

Thanks for reading this GeekyGirlNess until next time.

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