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Podcasts I Love

I have been listening to a few weekly podcasts on my Droid and having a blast.  Pocket Casts is a great app that brings the podcasts right to my phone.  Here are a couple of podcasts that I am really enjoying. 

1) Crazy Sexy Geeks is a fantastic audio podcast.  Jill Pantozzi (Hey, That’s My Cape!) and Alan Kistler (Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.) are great writers for Newarama and other geeky sites.  I really enjoy the interaction between Alan and Jill.  The only part of this podcast I am not really into is their dating tips (maybe because I am married) at the end of the podcast but it is still entertaining. 

I have mentioned Jill Pantozzi and her blog TheNerdyBird aka Has Boobs Reads Comics previously. I really  enjoy Jill’s writing and style.  She is equally as impressive on this podcast.  If you get a chance, check out her latest article on NewaramaHey, That’s My Cape!, it is worth it.  In the article, she channels Oracle and says goodbye to the old DC Universe. Also check out her latest post on her blog about the MDA telethon.

I don’t want to short change Alan Kistler. He is a good writer and has chemistry with Jill.  Alan is a Dr. Who expert and Superhero historian.  It is worth checking out his writing.

2) iFanboy podcast is has a fun video podcast that I am digging.  The guys interview all sorts of comicbook guests on the video podcast.  They have a ton of video from San Diego.

The guys at  iFanboy also have a regular audio podcast which is equally fun.  I love the comic of the week section and the guys interaction.  They recently had their 300th audio podcast.

iFanboy is a comicbook website that discusses comics and even has a pull list.  Their Podcast follows suit and is all about comicbooks and the fans.  

If you listen to podcasts and are interested in these type of geeky fun, then check out both Crazy Sexy Geeks and iFanboy podcast
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