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Photos from VisionCon

In the past, I took pictures of most Cosplayers that I saw at conventions. This year, I took a different approach.  I took pictures of the Costumes that spoke to me.  I will discuss each image as I post it from VisionCon.

I loved this Father/Daughter duo. I adore the sign “A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance!”  Having your daughter dress up as Princess Leia for a convention~ Win.  Getting her to hold a sign like this, “Parent of the year!”

In preparation for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we found Rey and BB-8 hanging at the convention.  Kylo Ren showed up to represent the First Order and to bring our heroes to justice.

I am “Barf”…  I am a Mog, half man, half dog. I am my own best friend!  Spaceballs is such an awesome movie.  I love this gender bending version of “Barf” is awesome.

Holy VisionCon Batman.  The big battle Royale between the Dark Knight and his arch-enemy’s girl friend!

Harely and Batman takes a moment of their time to pose for pictures before they prepare for battle.  Harley is looking for Mr. J!

I grabbed my SNES remote and had an adventure with Mega Man at VisionCon.  I did keep killing him when I couldn’t time the jump right.  He responded quickly.  Love this Mega Man outfit.

Hey kids look who I caught at a Poke-Stop!  Love when a family cosplays together.  Parenting done right.

Such Pretty, pretty Princesses at VisionCon.  Snow White and Belle are carrying their swords.  These Princesses are not to be taken lightly.  Hey Snow, don’t eat that apple!

Comic book legendary artist George Pérez (not the real George but still) and one of his most iconic characters in Raven.  I love how these two walked around all weekend.  I love the idea of dressing up like Pérez.

Spider-Man and his spider powered friend Silk are rockin the page.  Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a Spider and Silk can!

Voltron, Defender of the Universe!  All 5 lions are here to protect us from the evil forces of King Zarkon and Prince Lotor.  “Form feet and legs; form arms and body; and I’ll form the head!” Yes, Toni Globis, I said it.

This warrior is awesome. I love his armor and weapons.  I am not sure who he is but I love this outfit.  It rocks!

Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, Comes the horseman known as Zorro. This bold renegade carves a Z with his blade, A “Z that stands for Zorro.

I heard a weird sound and this Police Call Box just showed up.  I peered in and it was huge on the inside. Strange how it was bigger on the inside.

I had my picture taken in front of this strange blue box.  I am wearing my Steampunk outfit.

The next thing I know, a Doctor pops out of the box.  He is holding a banana.  How weird is that?
Special Thanks to the Springfield Wholigans for Letting us take pictures with the Tardis and the 9th Doctor.

Here is one of our favorite Rebels.  The punk rock princess Leia herself.  Val has become a center piece of local geek culture.

I am not sure what LibraryCon and VisionCon will be without you.  We will miss you so much Val!

Stay Geeky My Friends!


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